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Socializing Your Puppy
​ One of the most important parts of training your puppy is to properly socialize them so that they are both confident and able to interact with people and other animals. Here is some advice about how to socialize your puppy.Socializing should start as early as possible in your puppy's life. Of course, you need to take into consideration any vaccinations required so that your puppy can safely go out in public without the worry of contracting a disease. Talk to your breeder with regards to your puppy's needs and they will advise you when you can do this. Of course, in the mean time you can get started with socializing your puppy with people and any other pets you may have at home. Let different people come into your home so that your puppy gets used to people other than family members. Some people don't like dogs, and it's good for your puppy to learn this also, so that they don't automatically think they can approach everybody. Likewise, your puppy will need to learn to live with the quirks of other animals, and understand that they can't always be boss. Another important point is exposing your puppy to new situations. The more exposure to new experiences that your puppy can have the better, puppies are naturally resilient to new situations, and if you can introduce them to a range of situations when they are young, they are less likely to become distressed or frightened when they are older. A great place to take your puppy is to the local train station or bus station, especially during the busy periods. This is a good way to socialize your puppy with people and get them used to crowds. You can start by carrying your puppy is they seem a little scared, but as they get used to the strange situation and their confidence builds, you should put them down on their leash and then work to walking around. The same applies for busy roads, especially if you live in an area where you will regularly walk your dog beside a busy road. Perhaps the most important part of socializing your puppy, however, is letting them meet other animals. Many puppies have no interaction with other dogs once they leave their litter, and this leaves them with a huge gap in understanding how to respond when they meet another dog or animal. For this reason, you should spend time taking your puppy to a local obedience class, where they can be in a controlled environment so that they can socialize with dogs of all ages and sizes and maintain the correct way to behave around other dogs.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOG PARKS you cannot rely on the fact that the other owners have properly trained their dogs and this can lead to an unwanted accident. Denying your dog this experience can lead to snarling and growling, and also fighting. You don't want to have to cross the street every time you see another dog coming and socializing is the best way to deal with this. One very important thing to remember is whether you are socializing your puppy with people or other animals that you do so in a controlled environment. Never just assume everything will be okay by not taking the time to supervise the interactions your puppy is receiving. It only takes one bad experience to change your puppys out look on life. A properly socialized dog will be a pleasure to walk and will not cause you anxiety through their fear of new situations. Take the time to do this from an early age and you can eliminate anti-social behavior.