FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Volhard Dog Nutrition Fresh. Healthy. Balanced.

All dogs worldwide live a long, healthy, more fulfilling life by applying nutrition as the solution.

Your Volhard Qualified affiliate is me, Suzie Bolognesi.

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SuzieBolognesi this code is what we use to show you are being helped by a certified k9 nutritionist 

You will need this information when ordering. My direct contact for questions: by text or call 951 545-1417 email also works euro1rotts@gmail.com

To place your order for NDF2 please use the referral link above. Auto ship is a great option, so you don’t accidentally run out.  If for some reason you do you can find under the resource tab a temporary NDF2 recipe.

If you are transitioning your dog from another diet you can also use the resource tab where it says transition to NDF2

Unless otherwise discussed you will be ordering NDF2

Adults dogs  follow the instructions on the bag.  
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puppies should be eating approximately twice his/her weight 4 x a day.  On the back of the bag is the recipe for a 25 lb pup to be fed 4 x  a day, follow those instructions and adjust as you puppy grows.

You must keep the dry matter in the refrigerator or freezer once it is opened.

The protein recommended is 80/20 hamburger easily obtained at any grocery store, though you may use chicken, lamb, venison, pork or fish, switching between proteins is perfectly acceptable. You can easily prepare one meal at a time or adjust the recipe and make a batch.

There have been recent concerns about feeding a grain free food...Volhard is not grain free, Wendy has always believed it "just has to be the right grain."

Please always feel free to add any fresh fruits and vegetables, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, fresh raw eggs, hard boiled eggs and bone broth. Healthy snacks can also be purchased from Volhard and you can still use raw chicken necks or backs and for chewing raw knuckle bones.

When purchasing from Volhard you will always receive 100% satisfaction and support and if I don’t have an answer for you, I will get one !!

If you are concerned over the cost of feeding your dogs this high quality food which is completely understandable ask me for a price comparison sheet




Von Ruelmann Rottweilers inc.

Are you tired of trying to figure out a way to feed your dog a balanced raw meat diet while also trying to maintain muscle.   Well i have the answer for you.  Here at Von Ruelmann  I have worked tirelessly to always feed our dogs to the elite standard our breeding program requires.  I have always had a very specific diet from making our own raw meat diet, to always searching out the best kibble, along with proper supplements.  The challenge has always been making sure it is completely balanced, include only the healthiest of grains, which by the way our dogs do need!! and the  proper balance of fruits and veggies.  Lets face it kibble is absolutely something we should use as a last option.  if it is your only option I can make it a healthier option just by adding one simple supplement.   VOLHARDS ENDURANCE

That being said another one of my goals has been to send my puppies home with the best diet possible and to make it easy for our buyers to understand, easy to obtain the products anywhere in the United states.  This hasn't proven to be an easy task unitl now.  Below I have given some basic instructions on how to feed your puppy or adult dog, where to order Volhards food and how to contact me for questions concerning your dogs diet.  If you feel your dog has a special need or health problem contact me before ordering your food so I can help you with making the correct purchase.